All about Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH v11) Course

EC-Council has updated the old version of ethical hacking certification CEH v10 to CEH v11. CEH v11 gives knowledge about the latest Malware analysis, commercial-grade hacking tools, ethical hacking concepts, etc. Besides, there are tactics for ransomware, banking, as well as financial malware. Similarly, there are also other options like IoT, Cloud computing, and Android Malware.

Highlights of CEH V11 course:

CEH level certification is a unique certification apart from the other vendors. It is mapped to a NICE 2.0 framework. It has lots of emerging attacking vectors added up with modern exploit technologies. The CEH V11 certification has hands-on challenges and new case studies added in large numbers to give extra strength for your cybersecurity and ethical hacking knowledge. This certification focused on IoT and cloud operations technologies. CEH v11 certification also provides experience on an industrial thread in industrial security measures and how you have to manage and secure them in a very feasible way. Parrot OS replaces kali Linux because of having better performance and runs in a lower power machine using fewer resources. We have an extra feature with CEH v11 that is ‘Break the code,’ which helps you analyze deeply and identify a bug when it comes to application penetration testing and web application hacking.

Course outline:

Exam Information:

Exam Title: Certified ethical hacker

Exam Code: 312-50 (ECC-exam Portal) /312-50 (VUE)

Number of questions: 125

Duration: 4 hours

Test Format: Multiple Choice

Why is CEHv11 in demand?

Certified Ethical Hacker CEH v11 training program will make you an expert in the latest hacking tools, techniques, and methodologies applied by hackers and information security professionals to hack an organization. Some notable features of the CEH v11 course are as follows:

1) Incorporating Parrot Security OS:

Compared to Kali Linux, Parrot Security OS provides better performance on lower-powered laptops and machines while delivering a natural look and feel with a more extensive repository of available tools.

2) Re-Mapped to NIST/NICE Framework:

CEH v11 is mapped to important specialty areas under the NIST/NICE framework’s preservation and defense job role, including analysis (AN) and security provision (SP).

3) Enhanced Cloud Security, IoT, and OT Modules:

CEH v11 focuses on updated Cloud and IoT modules to include CSP’s Container Technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes. CEH v11 explains how to avoid, identify, and respond to cloud-based attacks, concepts of OT such as ICS, SCADA, and PLC, how to deal with IoT-based attacks, and cover the latest IoT hacking tools like Bus Pirate, Shikra, Facedancer21, and many others.

4) New Lab Designs and Operating Systems

CEH v11 includes new operating systems like Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, and Windows 10 configured with firewalls and vulnerable web applications to prepare and develop hacking skills.

5) Increased Lab Time and Hands−on Focus

CEH v11 course focuses more than 50% on practical skills in live ranges.

How can you get CEHv11 certification?

Infosec Train is an online training provider with a team of highly skilled experts to offer you the best guidance. Here, you will get everything that you need to clear your CEH v11 certification exam, such as:

  • Handwritten In batch notes.
  • Official Courseware Material.
  • Assessment links.
  • Reference Guide.
  • Practice questions.

Visit the following link to enroll now and step ahead in your career as a Certified Ethical Hacker.

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